Mon, 15, July, 2024
२०८१ असार ३२, सोमवार

About the company

This organization has been established to provide microfinance services and simple banking services to the share members of the organization with the motto of “for all, forever”.

The main objective of this organization is to provide special, easy and reliable services to its members which is an upgrade compare to the different cooperatives established under the same act.

CEO Message

Sujeet khatiwada
Sujeet Khatiwada


Greetings to all respected share members and well-wishers

With the aim of uplifting the living and economic status of the people having low economic background along with developing the art of entrepreneurship among its member, this co-operative was established on 2078 Bhadra 20. I as the CEO of this co-operative feel privileged to represent it in front of our members and beneficial parties. I would like take this opportunity to work on those areas which will benefit the society, surrounding by developing the idea of entrepreneurship among our members and make them economically sound so that they can tackle the future economic challenges all by themselves. We will also be helping our members to expand their business capacities and giving those financing ideas and financial support when needed. To provide several financial related services to common people is our main priority. I would also like to assure my share members that this co-operative will always work for the organizational benefits rather than for any personal benefits. All the efforts of our team should be a great asset to the organization as well as to our members.